About Us 

lauraSafety Harbor Tours, presented by Yellow Snow Productions, is locally owned and operated by Laura Dent, a thirty year resident of Safety Harbor, researcher, professional actor and storyteller.

Not only is your guide an expert in the history of the city, she is fascinated by the paranormal and has had personal experiences with ghosts and other entities.

Laura has researched books, newspapers, the Safety Harbor Museum, interviewed  “old timers”, the museum curator, past residents and employees of the sites where the stories are told.  What she found were murders, fire and flood victims – we uncovered their stories, how they lived, how they died and WHY they come back!

We work hard to provide you with the most authentic and credible tour possible.


Yellow Snow LgoYellow Snow Productions has been around since 1996 with our first production of “The Home Front” at the Carrollwood Playhouse in Tampa. 

From our home in the Tampa Bay, Florida area, we entertain all over the state of Florida.  Yellow Snow performs a variety of funny, original, shows and productions, including:
  • Interactive Comedy Theater
  • Topical Sketch Comedy Shows
  • DJ Services
  • Murder Mystery Dinner Theater
  • Full Length Stage plays
For more information, check out our website for an overview of our services
Laura Dent  727-687-8785