Meet Psychic Caryl Dennis

carylrainbowpiclrgCaryl Dennis offers our Trip Back in Time seated presentations AND she offers a whole lot more.

Caryl Dennis is an Internationally-known Psychic, Author and resident of Downtown Safety Harbor.  She has been offering psychic readings professionally for over 25 years.  She is the author of ten books and research projects on a variety of non-fiction subjects. 

12Growing up in this haunted house inspired her to spend her life researching the paranormal in order to understand what she experienced as a child.  read more…

Caryl offers Psychic Readings at her tree house on Main Street in downtown Safety Harbor where she works by appointment only, as well as on the phone and Skype.  She also enjoys doing house parties and events.  Her specialty is helping you discover your “Life Color” and future predictions through a form of remote viewing.   She is more clairsentient towards disembodied spirits, meaning she feels them rather than talks to them.  Call for appointment.


Caryl is available for the following presentations:

Everybody’s Psychic
psychic14Learn to recognize and use your innate psychic ability.  Tools and practical information to improve your life.  Caryl has been a Professional Psychic for 24 years and empowers people by showing them how to perceive their own answers.
Suitable for Adults and children with adult permission – Time can be adjusted to fit your schedule



Colorology: The Science of Color
Colorology CoverWhy does one color raise your blood pressure and a different one lower it?  Caryl is the author of Colorology: The Science of Color, considered a classic in the field and teaches people how to use color simply and practically in their daily lives.  A simplified, scientific approach to the subject of color.
Suitable for all ages – Minimum 30 minutes, one hour preferred



Transition Planning: Complete End of Life
Education & Resources

TPthinkinmanWe don’t know what we don’t know about dying and the death process until we are in the midst of the experience.  Absurdly, our educational system offers little to no information on the many practical aspects of death – an inevitability we all share.  Ultimately somebody has to make these decisions.  Make your own! – Spare your loved ones and empower yourself with knowledge.  It’s your right and responsibility.  A one hour power-point presentation.  Caryl is the author of the award-winning project Transition Planning: Complete End of Life Education & Resources.
Suitable for adults

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