Frequently Asked Questions

questionmarkDo we go inside the buildings?
Our Ghost Walking Tours are in the evenings, when most buildings are closed.   Occasionally, we are invited into some of the buildings.  We cannot guarantee that we will be able to enter the buildings.

What happens if it rains?
Bring an umbrella! Walking tours are conducted rain or shine.   However, if the conditions are deemed hazardous or severe, we reserve the right to cancel the tour.   We recommend dressing appropriately for the weather conditions.

Is the tour suitable for children?
Through the years we have hosted many children on our tours.   The youngest child to who mentioned loving the tour was only six years old.   We do not know your child nor do we know what frightens him or her.   Normally, when asked this question we refer to the parent.   The parent is the best judge of what a child can handle.   We like to say that our tours might provoke questions from your youngsters, but not nightmares.

Have you had any “ghostly experiences” on the tour?
Although we will not guarantee paranormal experiences, we have had “ghostly experiences” on our tours.   Please feel free to ask your tour guide about their haunted experiences.

It is scary?
This is a story telling tour, not a haunted house.   Nothing is staged and no employees will jump out and try to scare you.   If anything happens on your tour, it is truly paranormal in nature.

Are your tours dog friendly?
We love dogs and welcome them on all our outdoor tours.   Please see that your dog is friendly, on a leash and please be sure to bring the appropriate supplies to clean up any messes.

Are the tours wheelchair/stroller accessible?
Tours in Safety Harbor are completely wheelchair and stroller friendly.   Please mention that you will be bringing a wheelchair/stroller when making reservations.

In what language are the tours conducted?
Currently, our tours are in English only.

Can I bring a camera?
We recommend bringing a camera for all tours.  Not only can you get great pictures of haunted historic buildings, you might just capture a ghost on film!   Your tour guides will be happy to assist you in a ghost hunt with photography.

Can I bring a video camera?
Video cameras are welcome on the tour.

Am I guaranteed to get pictures of ghosts your tour?
No, there is no legitimate way to guarantee a picture of a ghost.  We recommend you be wary of any company that promises paranormal pictures or experiences. It is simply not possible.   According to Donna Marsh, Founder of the Adsagsona Paranormal Society, “The spirits appear when and where THEY want to.   We’ve yet to meet any that would just appear on command.”

How far is the Walking Tour?
Approximately one mile, with rest stops along the way.

Do you have group rates?
Group rates are available for groups of 10 or more.  Special tours and packages can be created to suite your requirements.  Please call 727-687-8785 for details.

How many people can you accommodate on your Walking Tours?
We prefer not to have more than twenty-five.  Special accommodations can be made for groups.

Please give us a call if you have any other questions